Actual Rev Legends: Mazda Rotaries and Honda’s Transcending Motorcycle Tech

The Wankel Rotary Engine went the way of many technological innovations and simply didn’t catch on. Despite a Le Mans win in 1991 with the 787B, the Rotary engine in production cars ended with the Mazda RX-8(2001-2012). Known for intense power-to-weight ratios, Wankel engines were known for reliability, if also for poor fuel economy. The […]

The First Automotive Engineer was a Watchmaker

Differential steering is something to we take for granted in our everyday life, but if asked how it works, few would understand the mechanics. The key was always that turning required a “differential” in wheel speeds. The solution came from watchmaking, and the first patent came in 1827  by Onésiphore Pecqueur (1792–1852) of the Conservatoire des […]

Breaking into Braking: The Brembo Story

When you want to go racing, you go Brembo. The firm founded in 1961 emerged in the 1980s as a brake supplier for major manufacturers, then going public in 1995. After a series of acquisitions in recent years, Brembo has cemented itself firmly as the leader in the braking industry. It is not often an […]

When Car Companies Make Bicycles

Lets see who did it best? All of these examples use carbon fibre technology and involve collaboration with established bicycle manufacturers. The most comfortable seat clearly goes to the Spyker Aeroblade with its plush leather seat. All of them have features which set them apart, such as the integrated data logging on the Aston One-77. […]